Friday, 20 May 2011

Babysitting Trouble

This week went by very fast due the amount of things I had going on during the school nights.  This was completely different compared to the week before where I was dying to find something to do each night. The school work has really begun to pile up, which means the "no TV" is being helpful. The one night I wasn’t doing homework all night I had to babysit. Without even knowing it I let the girls watch TV and I watched along with them. I felt rather guilty about that but then I realized that going to someone’s house and saying no you cant watch TV here would be really rude. So I felt less bad about it as the night went on. The worst part of the whole thing was that the girls lied to me and said they could watch this show called ICarly. The truth was actually revealed when there father came home and said that they haven’t watched that show in years because it turns sweet girls into rotten ones, then the oldest girl proceeds to stick out her tongue to prove a point her father was making. Their dad even mentioned that he thought he blocked that show. So the only chance I have gotten to see TV was something I actually really shouldn’t have done for more then this project. What I have learned from this week that child shows now are rude and teaching mean behaviors, nothing like they used to be, like veggie tales and Arthur. Also that there is no point in watching TV if you don’t know what you want to watch. That watching TV and you are just mindlessly flipping through the channels in a pointless waste of time.  

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