Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Week Two

Blinders in my own home
The first week is finally done! I am actually glad I decided to do this challenge in these three weeks. I have a large amount of summatives that have to get finished in the next two weeks. This is understandable though because it is the end of high school so other than the exam this is the last evaluations teachers for us.  So the free time of not watching TV is going to become handy. The main issue that I having right now and will continue for the next few weeks is the fact of how my house is very open concept. This meaning if anyone was watching TV in the family room you can see it from anywhere on the entire first floor. I almost feel the need to have blinders like a horse in my own house. We have three TVs in my house, which is a lot. Since I am not watching TV this means that everyone in my family has one to claim. I am always surrounded by the TV playing this makes it difficult to see any of my family. For instance right now my mom is upstairs watching TV, my dad is down stairs and my brother is in the family room. This meaning I have been listening to music constantly lately. This has started to become interesting. I am going to unplug the TV soon, most likely the weekend due to all my summatives. With unplugging the TV and it not turning on with the remote or switch they will give up on watching, well at least my brother will. That is going to be my master plan from now on.

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