Tuesday, 10 May 2011

The Beginning Days

Yesterday was my first day on my three week journey of not watching TV. It was not as much of a challenging I expected it to be. I was rather busy all night with schoolwork and university preparations so I didn’t notice the change much. Today has been a different story though. I often always have something that needs to get done each night and tonight I didn’t have anything.  So this would be a typical night for me to catch up on shows and watch a lot of TV in my large amount of spare time. So with this new free time not taken up by TV I have found myself doing things that I often kept pushing back to another day to do, which I am VERY happy I am fianlly getting done. I am doing things I know should get done and always say I will do soon. For instance I need a bike next year for school and I have always planned to take my mom's old fashioned bike. It is very rusted and dirty so I have been spending the whole night basically “pimping” it out. I finally am going to paint it which I have said I was going to do for a year. So overall this free time so far has not been painfully boring more beneficial.

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