Sunday, 29 May 2011

Stupid Brother

Well one thing that I have definitely learned this past three weeks is that my brother and I can really irritate each other. We either have very similar taste in shows or complete opposites. So sometimes it became very annoying when he was watching, Tosh. or Jackass or Americas funniest home videos or The Big Bang Theory. He laughs so loud that you have to turn around to see why, but after doing this 30 times and always catching yourself looking at the time you started to get annoyed. So I basically have to send him away to another TV. I feel like I did that with my whole family that I am always the one that make people leave the room because they know they can’t watch TV around me. Or when Andy ( brother) purposely puts on a show around me because he knows I don’t want him to watch it when I am in the same room and then continue to laugh loudly at the show. He is not making this easy.

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